Product Updates

Height Detection Using Light Curtain

Electronic Switches offers On Line Height Measurement for a objects moving on Conveyer or any moving platform.  Height is detected by number of beams blocked by the object. Depending on the number of beams blocked  the system offers correspondin.... Read more..

Long Range Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains can be offered up to range of 40 meters.  So the distance between Emitter and Receiver can be 40 meters.  This unit is already developed and working satisfactory.  Please contact factory with your requirements..... Read more..

Universal Indicator With RS 485 Output

Electronic Switches has developed Universal Indicator with 0-10 VDC input  (Input 4-20 mA also can be offered)  and  corresponding RS 485 output.  Here Full scale and Zero is settable.  With this all the data can be stored.... Read more..

Laundry Chute System For Hotels

Electronic Switches has developed Laundry Chute System for hotels. This system is used to collect used and dirty laundry from each floor for cleaning. Laundry Chute has closed opening at each floor. This opening has a door which can be opened usin.... Read more..

Automatic Garbage Chute System For Appartments

Electronic Switches (I) Pvt.Ltd. had developed a garbage chute system to be used at appartments & buildings. This system is used to collect dry & wet garbage of all floor automatically.    Here, for every floor LED Indi.... Read more..