DUAL DISPLAY - Length + Line Speed

Model :     LCLS 64


Electronic Switches (I) P. Ltd; offers Length + Line Speed Indicator  with 1/2 inch seven segment LED display. 6 Digit for Length counting and 4 digit for Line Speed Indicator  Units operates  on 220 Volts AC supply and accepts input from  various sensors as well as potential free contacts.  Set value can be entered from front panel switches by user.  Reset is available on front panel as well as on terminal strip on back.


Power Supply : 230V AC
No. of Digits : 6 digit for Length counter and 4 digit for Line Speed Indicator
Input : Through NPN / PNP Sensors 
Display : 1/2 inch seven segment display
Supply of Sensor : 12V DC available from unit
Output : Potential free relay contact
Reset  : Through Front panel or terminal strip 
Memory backup : Provided Through EEPROM
Dimension : 96 x 96 x 110mm
Cut-out size : 92 x 92 mm