Model :     RTC 18
    RTC 24


Model - RTC 18 .... Single output with 08 on-off settings
Model - RTC 24 .... Two outputs with 04 on-off settings for each o/p


Lights are always required at night to illuminate the area when anybody wants to use it. Lights are not required when work in that area is completed. However normally lights are not switched off after use and they are always left illuminated resulting wastage of electricity. RTC Power Controller solves this problem. Lights are daily switched ON at preset time and switched OFF at preset time automatically. As lights are illuminated only during specific period, it save lots of electricity. Same is the case for any other electronic equipments or electrical appliances. With RTC Power Controller working of such appliances can be made
automatic with real time clock


RTC - Power Controller works on 220 volts AC power supply with built-in cable with plug-pin and offers output  through socket. Due to this it is a plug in - plug out product which can be installed quickly by user without outside help. Unit has LED display which is very helpful for setting various timings and for displaying the clock. Power is available for any set
time with 08 settings during the day.
Lights can be switched ON at any particular time and can be switched OFF at any particular time automatically. In all, 08 such settings are available. these timings can be set by user as per requirements. This is very useful for Advertizement boards or Refrigerators as their working can be controlled as per requirements. As the power is available only for limited time, this saves lots of electricity and money. Unit has in-built battery. Hence in case of power failure it retains internal clock up to 48 hours after full charge.
All the setting are also retain in the memory in case of no power. So when power resumes, unit works as per preset program and follows the same instructions.
1 Unit displays Real Time Digital Clock continuously.
2 Power can be switched ON at particular time and can be switched OFF at particular time automatically.
3 Unit offers Eight such settings. These settings are as per Real Time Clock.
4 Product is Plug-in type. User can install and use without outside help.
5 Product works for 24 hours and saves lots of electricity.
6 In case of any problem with the unit, the same can be removed easily.
7 Unit has internal battery. In case of power failure, clock works internally. (Battery Backup for 48 Hours)



Power Supply          -     220 Volts AC through cable & plug pin
Output                       -     220 Volts AC through 3 pin socket
Output Capacity      -     Up to 600 Watts Maximum
Display                     -      LED Display
No of Settings         -      As per model
Minimum Setting Time - 1 Minute
Battery Back up      -      48 Hours (Rechargeable battery)
Dimensions             -      210 x 120 x 50 mm (approximately)
Enclosure                -      Powder coated Metal Box
Suitable for              -      Electronics & Electrical appliances , Advt Displays, Refrigerators, Lights etc;


RTC Light Controller is used for controlling surrounding/courtyard lights in apartments, factories, commercial establishments etc; as well as for automatically controlling Electronic Equipments or Electrical Appliances, Glow Sign Boards, Refrigerators, pumps, watering devices for required period as per real time clock even in remote areas.