Model :     RTC 45



It is very important to maintain strict schedule of day to day activities at institutions, factories, schools & high schools, hostels, canteens and many such establishments. There is a need to give an alarm at regular intervals for any change in the type of activity as it involves more number of people at a time. This also maintains discipline while leading masses for next activity. Bell Programmer does all the required job and guides day to day activities smoothly as per stored program. This is suitable for two shift in a school


RTC - LCD Bell Programmer works on 220 volts AC power supply with built-in cable with plug-pin and offers output through socket. Due to this it is a plug in - plug out product which can be installed quickly by user without outside help. Unit has LCD character display which is very helpful for setting various parameters. Electric bell can be connected directly to the output supply available through socket. 
Unit is basically weekly programmer. User has to first program set-1 and set-2 with required timings and then assign required set for each day of a week. For holiday user can assign Set 0 . Set-1 has maximum up to 30 settings and can be set for two shifts full day school timings. Set-2 has max up to 15 settings and can be set for half day school timings.
1 Set - 1 ... up to 30 settings ... For Monday to Friday ... same for all five days.
2 Set - 2 ... up to 15 settings ... For Saturday or for half day
3 Set - 0 ... Holiday ... For Sunday (and Saturday in case of 5 days week)
1 Unit displays Normal Digital Clock with day and date.
2 Product offers a user selectable time settings up to 45 options.
3 Choice of Short Bell , Medium Bell or Long Bell is available
4 For each setting duration of alarm is selectable up to 29 seconds.
5 There is also facility of repeat alarm max up to 9 times, after a gap of 2 seconds.
6 Unit has output switch which can be switched off during holidays to stop sounding bell.
7 In case required Alarm can be sounded any time manually just by pressing a switch.
8 User can program for complete week including half day working & holidays using this unit.
9 Unit has internal battery. In case of power failure, clock works internally



Power Supply                -     220 Volts AC through
Output - C-NO               -      Potential free relay contacts
Output Load Capacity  -     Up to 600 Watts Maximum
Display - LCD Display -     Real Time Clock
Total no of Sets             -     Two : Set 1 - 30 settings. Set 2 - 15 settings, Set 0 - 0 setting
Weekly Plan                  -      User can assign set 1 or set 2 or 0 (for holiday) for each day of a week
Duration of setting        -      Each setting duration selectable up to 29 seconds
Repeat alarm                -       Selectable up to 9 rings (available for all setting after 2 seconds gap)
Manual Alarm               -       Switch provided for Manual Alarm
Battery Back up            -       24 Hours (Rechargeable battery)
Suitable for                   -       Electric Bell, Buzzer, Hooter, Siren
Dimensions                  -       210 x 120 x 50 mm (approximately)
Enclosure                     -       Powder Coated metal box


Weekly Bell Programmer is used for sounding alarms for schedules in schools, factories, hostels, offices, institutions, training camps, canteens etc; for each day of a week. This helps in maintaining the exact schedule as per real time clock and maintain discipline.