We have been making custom made products for OEMs, System Integrators, Engineering factories, Process plants and many other users for last many years.We are using various techniques to make products suitable to customer requirement.  We take efforts to see that our customers are not only satisfied to use our product but is delighted to use our product. We offer our services from designing of product for particular application. We have facilities for PCB layout,  programming of micro controllers, assembling and making of a prototype, testing to the satisfaction.


For different application we offer different product.  The product is designed especially for specific  application. We use different techniques to make the product.  We see that product we offer services your purpose. We just do not offer a product  but offers our complete expertise and experience.  Products are supplied to various OEMs and end users as per their requirements.


We work hand in hand with our suppliers as well as our customers sharing our expertise  and experience in the fields. We have a training facility specifically to offer training to our marketing network people, our dealers / representative about our entire range of products.  We even offer training to employs of our representative from various cities in India.  People are trained in theory and practical so that they could offer same level of satisfaction to their customers.


Electronic Switches offers training to various Representatives or Dealers and their Employees on entire products range. Facilities have been developed at Nasik to offer training max up to eight persons at a time. Training covers all the information on the products, specifications, applications and wiring and testing of the product. Such training sessions are conducted through out the year from time to time.