Diffuse Area Sensor

Diffuse Area Sensor

Electronic switches offers Diffused area sensor to sense the person or object which is present in the sensing area. Diffused area sensor is works on the supply 24V DC and controller is available with 230V AC supply. Range of the sensor is maximum 1 meter with sensitivity adjustment provided to adjust the range.


Power Supply : 12 – 24V DC for Sensor , 230V AC for Controller
Sensing Distance : Min. 300mm and Max. 2 mtr. ( Range is specified with white photographic paper)
Output : PNP NO
Output Indication : Through LED’s
Sensitivity : Adjustable
 Indication : LED Indication for Output
Operating Temp. : Upto 55 Degree C
Cross Section : 36 x 42mm


Protected Height Model Pitch Overall Height
100mm DA 0620 20mm 185mm
350mm DA 0850 50mm 440mm
180mm DA 1020 20mm 295mm
270mm DA 1030 30mm 365mm
450mm DA 1630 30mm 530mm
600mm DA 1640 40mm 685mm
750mm DA 1650 50mm 840mm
920mm DA 2440 40mm 1010mm
1150mm DA 2450 50mm 1240mm
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