Energy Saving - AC Timer

Energy Saving – AC Timer

Model : ACT 115 M – Metal Socket

Model : ACT 115 P  – Plastic Socket

ESPL offers AC Timer controls the working of Room Air-Conditioner while saving energy & maintaining level of comfort.  It is observed that even in automatic mode, actual comfort level is reached in a room much before the AC operates on its own. AC Timer controls ON time and OFF time of AC as per the time set by user according to season. Due to this AC remains ON or OFF for definite time and energy is saved as it does not remain ON continuously


Power Supply : 220 Volts AC through Cable and Plug in
Output : 220 Volts AC through Socket
Adj. ON Time : Upto 1 Hr. – adjustable
Adj. OFF Time : Upto 1 Hr. – adjustable
Detection Range : Adjustable up to  2   meters.
Wire Type : Plug In
Mounting : Wall mounting
Dimension : 200 x 100 x 60 mm ( with Plastic socket)
Dimension : 155 x 150 x 70 mm (Enclosure with Metal socket)
Housing : powder coated Metal
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