Energy Saving - PIR AC Controller

Energy Saving – PIR AC Controller

Model : PAC 215 M – Metal Socket

Model : PAC 215 P  – Plastic Socket

ESPL offers PIR-AC Controller controls the working of Room Air-Conditioner while saving energy & maintaining level of comfort. It is observed that at times the AC is left ON even though nobody is present in the room. PIR-AC Controller provides solution to this problem. The Air Conditioner is turned ON as soon as a person enters the room and automatically turned OFF after pre-set time if nobody is present in the room. This pre-set time is adjustable by user using POT provided on the unit. So, the Air Conditioner is ON only when one is occupying the room, an effective and efficient way to conserve energy.


Power Supply : 230V AC @15 Amp
Output : 230V AC @15 Amp through Metal / Plastic Socket
Timer Range : User Selectable up to 1 0 -15 minutes.
Scale Accuracy : Approximately 10%
PIR Sensor Type : Wall mounting
PIR Sensing Range : Up to 3 meters ( maximum)
Mounting : Wall mounting
Controller Dimensions : 200 x 90 x 60 mm … Enclosure with Plastic Socket
: 434 x 535 x 55 mm … Enclosure with metal socket
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