Energy Saving - Switch On Timer / Time Lag Timer

Energy Saving – Switch On Timer / Time Lag Timer

Switch ON Timer works on 220 volts AC and has three wires.  When switch is pressed, 220 volts AC output is available to switch ON the lights. Lights will be switched OFF automatically after preset time is over. This preset time can be adjusted by user as per requirement.

It is used for controlling working of lamps in remote areas, store rooms, pump room, industrial processes, backyard sheds etc;


Power Supply : 230V AC, 3 wire unit
Output : ON after pressing switch and OFF after preset time is over
Time Period : Settable upto 20 min.
Suitable for : Tube Light / Bulb / CFL / LED light
Max Load : upto 250 Watts
Indication : LED
Enclosure ABS Plastic
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