Energy Saving - Toilet Block Timer

Energy Saving – Toilet Block Timer

ESPL offers Toilet Block Timer for controlling lights / Fans in the Toilet block. Normally, there are number of toilets, urinals, wash basins, water cooler etc; inside the Toilet Block. So at any time, there may be more than one number of persons present in the Toilet Block. Here all the lights / Fans / Hand Driers / Cooler in the toilet block can be automatically made ON when any person enters through door of Toilet Block. Lights remains ON for preset time (say for 15 minutes) and get OFF automatically, after preset time is over.


Power Supply : 230V AC
Output : Potential free Contacts for Electrical Interlock
Sensor range : 1 mtr. ( Wire length 2 mtr for Transmitter and Receiver )
Dimension : IR Sensor – 17 x 35 x 80mm
: controller – 150 x 150 x 50mm
Enclosure : Metal Enclosure for control unit
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