Real Time Clock - Automatic Light Controller

Real Time Clock – Automatic Light Controller

Model : RTC 08

RTC – Power Controller works on 220 volts AC power supply Unit has LCD display which is very helpful for setting various timings and for displaying the clock. Power is available for any set time with 16 settings during the day.

Applications: RTC Light Controller is used for controlling surrounding/courtyard lights in apartments, factories, commercial establishments etc; as well as for automatically controlling Electronic Equipment or Electrical Appliances, Glow Sign Boards, Refrigerators, pumps, watering devices for required period as per real time clock even in remote areas.


Power Supply : 220V AC
Output : 220V AC
Output Capacity : Up to 16 Amp 230V AC
Setting : 16 ON – OFF Setting
Minimum Setting Time : 1 Minute
Display : LCD
Battery Back up : 7 days   (Rechargeable battery)
Encloure : DIN Rail Plastic
Dimensions : 60  x 60 x 36  mm  (approximately)
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