Twilight Switch - Weatherproof Enclosure

Twilight Switch – Weatherproof Enclosure

Model : STW 110

Electro-Arts offers Twilight Switches in Weatherproof FRP housing for automatic switching of lights. With this product, required lights can be switched ON and kept ON during night. Twilight Switch- weatherproof can be used for all types of weather conditions for outside working directly on the pole. It has a light sensor which senses ambient light and the same can be placed on the unit or outside as may be required with required extended wire length. Output is switched ON when sensor senses darkness (at around 8-10 lux).


Power Supply : 220 V AC,  50 Hzs, through terminal strip
Output : Through Potential free relay contacts C – NO
Sensor : Sensor in separate housing
Output : 600 Watt Maximum
Sensitivity : Provided inside the unit
Bypass Switch :  Provided for Manual over-ride
LED Indication : For Power and Output
Suitable for : Tube Light / Bulb / CFL / LED / Sodium Vepour etc
Housing :  Weatherproof plastic  box.
Dimension :  170 x 125 x 65mm
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