Data Logging Display – With SD Card Storage

Electronic Switches (India) Pvt. Ltd; offers micro-controller based Data Storage Digital Display with SD Card data Storage facility. Unit offers plug-in SD Card as a storage and stores all the production data in SD card along with Date, Time and output readings. SD Card can be taken out from the Display Unit and connect to Computer through USB port using SD card reader to transfer collected data any time. Folders are generated as per year, month and files can be generated for each day/hour. Output is displayed on Computer in Excel format which can be used for further analysis. User can use SD card of any capacity as per his requirement.

This Digital Display with SD Card storage facility can be offered for Production Counter, Length Counter, Time Totaliser, Hour Meter, RPM Indicator, Temperature Indicator, 4-20 mA Process Indicators or any type of Digital product


  • NPN, PNP or Both outputs
  • Multiple ranges available as required
  • LED indication for output status
  • Non Critical alignment between the Sensors
  • Available in M 18 Brass Plated Housing
  • Also available in ABS Plastic Housing

Product Variants

IRB 031 / 032 NPN – NO or NC selectable 03 Meters
IRB 033 / 034 PNP – NO or NC selectable 03 Meters
IRB 101 / 102 NPN – NO or NC selectable 10 Meters
IRB 103 / 104 PNP – NO or NC selectable 10 Meters
IRB 201 / 202 NPN – NO or NC selectable 20 Meters
IRB 203 / 204 PNP – NO or NC selectable 20 Meters
IRB 301 / 302 NPN – NO or NC selectable 30 Meters
IRB 303 / 304 PNP – NO or NC selectable 30 Meters


Power Supply 230V AC
No of digit 4
Display 1/2 inch seven segment display
Reset Front panel switch and terminal strip on back.
Time Selectable Hour.min / Min. Sec / Sec.msec – User Selectable
Output Potential free relay contact
Housing ABS plastic
Dimension 72 x 72 x 110mm
Cut out size 62 x 62mm


  • For Height based GO-NO-GO systems
  • Object detection on Conveyer Belts
  • As Safety Barriers for various machines
  • For Safety barrier for Sliding gate of boom barrier
  • For Safety applications in Paper Cutting Machines
  • For Level sensing in Hoppers



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