Energy Saving - Alternate AC Timer

Energy Saving – Alternate AC Timer

Model : ACT 115 M – Metal Socket                                                 

Model : ACT 115 P  – Plastic Socket

ESPL offers Alternate AC Timer, this unit controls the working of Two Room Air-Conditioner while saving energy where & maintaining level of comfort. Here at a time one AC is ON and another one is turned OFF. After a set time the AC which was working is switched OFF and the AC which was not working is switched ON. This way the two  ACs work alternatively, one by one. Due to this energy is saved and condition of ACs unit is maintained, as each machine get some time for maintenance and cooling.


Power Supply : 230V AC @15 Amp
Output : 230V AC @15 Amp
Connection : Through Terminal Strip
No.of AC : 2 Nos AC can be controlled
ON Time : Adjustable Time Period up to 4 Hours
By Pass Facility : To operate any of the AC manually
Mounting : Wall mounting
Enclosure : Powder coated metal enclosure
Dimensions : 200 x 90 x 60 mm
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