Energy Saving - Time Lag Socket Timer

Energy Saving – Time Lag Socket Timer

Time lag socket Timer works on 220 volts AC and offers 220 volts AC output through socket. Unit has built-in ambient light sensor which automatically switches the Power ON in the evening upon sensing darkness and switches the Power OFF after a time period set by user or in the morning. Hence Lamp or any electronic or electrical appliance is ON only when it is actually required resulting in considerable saving in electricity cost and optimal electricity consumption.


Power Supply : 230 Volts AC thru cable & plug pin
Output : 230 Volts AC thru 5Amp socket
Output Capacity : Up to 600  Watts  Maximum
Light Sensor : Built-in
Time Setting : Provided by POT up to approx 10 hours.
Scale Accuracy : Approx. 10%
Selection Switch : For Timer or Twilight function
LED Indications : Provided for Power and Output
Dimensions : 100 x 100 x 50 mm
Enclosure : Plastic
Suitable for : Tube Light / Bulb / CFL / LED lights/ To power Electronic products/
Musical systems / Decoration lights / Fountains  etc;
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