Preset Down Timer

Preset Down Timer

Model : PDT 442

Electronic switches offer Preset down timer in 4 inch display height. Timer has selection of Hour. minute, Minute . seconds and seconds.Milliseconds.

Display shows preset time in the menu. When pulse receives, timer starts down time. When time reaches to 00.00 then output relay gets ON and When timer resets output gets OFF.


Power Supply : 230V AC
No of digit : 4
Display : 4 inch seven segment display
Input :  Through PNP Sensor
Output : Potential free contact NC – C – NO
Preset Time : User Settable
Display Program : Hour.Min / Min.Sec / Sec.Msec , User Selectable
Setting : Through Key pendent provided with 3 mtr cable
Housing : Metallic Powder coated
Dimension : 410 x 170 x 65mm
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