Preset Length Counter – 48x96mm

Model :  LC 62  –  6 Digits

Electronic Switches offers Length Counter with 6 and 8 digit. Units operates on 220 / 110 Volts AC supply ( as per user requirement ) and accepts input from sensors . Set value can be entered from front panel switches by user. It will display length in meters or in feet.


  • NPN, PNP, Limit / Micro Switches
  • No of Digits 6 N0s
  • Suitable for Length in Feet of in Meters
  • Scale factor can be set as required
  • Preset facility for length is available
  • Available in 48x96x110 mm Plastic Housing

Product Variants

LC 62 Display with Relay Output 6 Digits


Power Supply 230V AC
Display Size 19 mm seven segment display
Output Potential free relay output
No. of digit 6   digits
Input Through sensor
sensor supply 12V DC available from unit
Reset From front panel switch / through terminal strip
Memory Backup Provided through E-PROM
Housing ABS Plastic
Dimensions 48 x 96 x 110mm
Cut out size 92 x 46.5mm


  • For Production Counting applications
  • Length measured in Foots or Meters
  • Suitable for Cut to Length applications
  • Suitable for Paper, Film, Textiles, etc; industries
  • For For industries such as Wire, Cable, Threads, etc;



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