Twilight Switch - DIN

Twilight Switch – DIN

Model : STD 105

ESPL now offers a simple, versatile as well as cost and energy efficient solution to this problem. Twilight Switch turns the lights ON only when they are required. Twilight Switch works on Twilight principle which automatically switches the lights ON in the evening upon sensing darkness and switches the lights OFF upon sensing daylight. This is a simple and efficient way to conserve energy.


Power Supply : 220 Volts AC through Terminal strip
Output : Through Potential free relay contacts C – NO
Sensor : Sensor in separate housing
Output : 600 Watt Maximum
Sensitivity : Provided inside the unit
Bypass Switch :  Provided for Manual over-ride
LED Indication : For Power and Output
Suitable for : Tubelight / Bulb / CFL
Housing : DIN Rail Plastic housing
Dimension : 61 x 71 x 110mm
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