Zero Speed Switch

Zero Speed Switch

Model : ZSP 101 / ZSP 102

he Zero speed switch receives signal from proximity sensor. When input signal rate is above set speed , relay is ON / OFF. When speed drops to zero the relay gets OFF / ON. It can be applied for triping the system or giving warning signal. The Control unit is available in DIN rail housing.

Model : ZSP 101 – When motor is rotating output will remain OFF, when stopped output gets ON.
Model : ZSP 102 – When motor is rotating output will remain ON, when stopped output gets OFF.


MODEL : ZSP 101 / ZSP 102
Range of sensor : 8mm
Supply Voltage : 220V AC or 110V AC as required
Output : Potential Free relay contact
RPM Setting : Adjustable
Housing : Plated Brass – Sensor
ABS Plastic, DIN rail  – Controller
Dimensions : 18 D x 70 L  mm – Sensor
61 x 71 x 110mm – Controller
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